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Glitter is a real trend at festivals, private parties, corporate parties, weddings so why not make your own glitter sparkle station for guests to add glitter to their faces and hair!

Hire our Glitter Station for your party, event, or wedding.

You can hire our glitter station and one of our glitter makeup artists can attend and help cover all your party guests in glitter. Be sure a Glitter artists will create beautiful glitter looks for all your guests. 

Make a request 

Please email us via and answer all the following questions in your email so we can send you a personalised offer.

  • Date of Event 
  • Location 
  • Start Glitter Time 
  • End Glitter Time (min 2 hours) 
  • No. of people attending 

Get Glittered!

Tel.: +41 77 436 51 29




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