Utenos trikotažas is a DETOX committed customized jersey specialist, working in two main business areas: fabrics and ready-to-wear production. Established in 1967 and located in the city of Utena, Lithuania, the factory is the largest and one of the most modern knitwear manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe. 

The global environmental organization Greenpeace has recognized SBA Group company Utenos trikotazas as the first, and so far the only company in the world to work entirely according to its textiles procurement standard. Greenpeace has already started to produce its own t-shirts at the Lithuanian company. 


Julia Janus, Creative Director "I create lifestyle instead of fashion"

Julia Janus is a Baltic fashion and lifestyle designer brand offering diverse conceptual collections of lifestyle accessories, jewellery, menswear, womenswear, footwear and leisurewear. Founded in 2008, Julia Janus has become a well-known Lithuanian designer brand. 

Famous for artist collaborations, fashion and Nordic cuisine synergy, Julia Janus is a lifestyle brand loved by both, men and women. Its holistic approach defies age, time and size, at the same time breaking traditional designer fashion standards and expectations.

‘I create things to make people feel amazing, cool, modern and courageous. I create lifestyle instead of fashion. My designs give freedom to people’, says Creative Director Julia Janus. 

Jurate Cesnaite MAZI DALYKAI, Jewellery Designer "I love to create little tiny things"

Ceramic artist from Lithuania with passion for graphic arts and silk painting. Designer lives in Klaipeda, city which known as city of artists. It is the third largest city in Lithuania and is located on the Baltic Sea coast.
Collection LITTLE THINGS was born from the passion for ceramics and mixed techniques. Because everything is made by hand in the studio, all jewellery is unique and different. Designer gets her inspiration from nature: birds, trees, flowers or even landscape or clouds and result we get - unique and creative jewellery.

Diana Paukstyte, Designer "playing with the shape of a garment"

Diana Paukstyte is a Lithuanian born designer based in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania and creating a clothing label under her own name. She has an education in painting as well as clothing design. 10 years of creating process have had to pass until she found her genuine identity as modern and melancholic avant-garde designer. 

"I really like natural materials! Shapes and silhouettes are very important in my work and the right materials play a huge part in that. I love playing with the shape of a garment and it's important that materials would be thick and hold a shape. I am always looking for unusual thick materials. My collections are mainly avant garde in style—black, white and grey colors."


SmartART design by Justina Skurdelyte 

Justina Skurdelyte is a Lithuanian born designer and the founder of SmartArt design. After two years working with interiors she found the great material - rope. In 2012 Justina made her first product which was the first step to her new passion. Today SmartArt design is well known in Baltics region and famous not only for the amazing handmade bags but also for the interior details such as carpets, baskets and much more.



 TOKS VISOKS  by Akvilina Vacaityte 

"I was looking for my dream leather bag for quite some time, and eventually decided to make one with the help of my mom. I bought a few leather coats from a second hand store, cut them up, cleaned and ironed it and constructed first bag for myself. I love making things, fixing, building, creating, renovating and etc...I learned it from my mom, who can fix anything you put in front of her" says Akvilina, owner of Lithuanian brand Toks Visoks.

"I have been making bags and wallets for over 5 years now and enjoy every single day spent on making something special. I love the smell of leather and glue, and all fourteen knifes I use for cutting new shapes and patterns. Every bag I make, starts with an idea of something I would wear by myself and my whole heart goes into constructing it."



Zefyras stands out with their passion and attention to each piece what they make. Here, no item of clothing is the same, instead, each piece is adapted to the customer. This makes Zefyras pieces so much more special and unique. "We strive to tell our customers stories through the garments we create, accenting their strengths, giving them what they were missing to truly love themselves and confidence."




Aranka Bandula, designer from Budapest Hungary: "I begun sewing when I was 15 and after long years of experimenting I started to sew bags. Sewing and working with textile it is our family tradition: my grandparents knitted socks with their old machine, my dad is a weaver and my mother sewing as well."

All bags are handmade by designer and are absolutely unique, sewed from Vegan leather, different sizes, colours and shapes.