About Explore Wear

Explore Wear was born to present an alternative to fast fashion brands and is fully dedicated to the philosophy of simplicity and sustainability. Thinking about what we design and produce and why, as well as what consequences our design may bring, forms the basis of ethical thinking and future-oriented value creation. 

Who We Are

Since our inception in 2016 we have approached fashion from an alternative viewpoint. We hoped to create a moment to stop, to listen, to ponder, to breathe and demonstrate that clothing can be crafted thoughtfully and without unnecessary excess. For that reason we do not strive to follow any trends instead we offer crisp, fresh and effortless chick approach clothing. Our goal at Explore Wear is to inspire women through timeless, modern and tailored fashion with an unexpected edge. 

What We Do

Designed near the Zürich Lake, Switzerland each product of Explore Wear includes consideration of the future: how the product will be used, how it will age, how it will be disposed of and what environmental impact the product will have - during manufacturing, use and after use. Dedication to thinking about each manufactured product laid the foundations for our production processes - 80% of the products are made in the Zurich region, Switzerland, and the rest in the region of the Baltic Sea, Lithuania. Moreover we responsibly source and use only the highest quality materials and yarns - linen, baby alpaca wool, merino wool, silk and mohair.

Why Shop With Explore Wear?

Explore Wear values creates the foundation upon which a good design is built: a design that is grounded on ethical consideration, which has a low environmental impact and which is also easy to fall in love with. Our collections are both timeless and inspiring in their simplicity.
Every item we design and manufacture is done so with the utmost care, with the intention for them to last season after season. Our beloved customers value quality over quantity and appreciate classic fashion pieces, made from the luxurious materials, that represent an investment in their wardrobe.


Dear retailers, future partners and collaborators, we are more than happy to get in contact with you, please drop us a message to info@explorewear.ch