Store at Neumarkt 24 in Zurich

Sustainability and Swiss craftsmanship

Cervo Store offers a shopping experience with sense and style. Whether shoes, dresses, belts, accessories or jewellery: the philosophy of slow fashion, ecological and ethical production, local quality craftsmanship and beautiful design can be found in every piece. Waste and ecological materials are used, environmentally friendly production processes and longevity in production, manufacture and design are taken into account.

From Thursday to Saturday, the founders tell the story behind every piece they produce in person in the shop. There are stories of old fishing nets from which stylish swimwear is created(kaio swim); of Appenzell traditions and their contemporary interpretation as belts and jewellery (Appenzell Belt and AVA Accessories); of red deer and wild deerskin shoes(Cervo Volante); of jewellery made of recycled 18K gold (Oekogold) with Swiss gems(Leni Adam) and of natural fibres that caress the skin(Explore Wear).

Neumarkt 24
8001 Zurich

Opening hours
Thu/Fri: 11:00 - 18:30
Sat: 10:00-17:00

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