Double the sleeves for double the fun

Puffed sleeves, sleek sleeves, bulky sleeves, bat wing sleeves – they’re all extra long for the third straight fashion season. This trend hasn’t died out and it’s not going anywhere soon. So where do oversized sleeves come from and why should you be excited to wear them this season?

Extra long sleeves are not a new idea. In the 12th and 13th centuries in Western culture extra long sleeves were a sign of wealth. They showed everyone that the wearer could afford both extra fabric and a better tailor. Further back than that, in Han Dynasty China, the Han-fu was a decadent and beautiful garment worn by the elite with layers of extra long sleeves in beautifully coloured silks. You might be wondering how a style from so long ago became trend du jour?

Demna Gvasalia first revived long sleeves for Vetements in a daring street-savy collection that offered crumpled shoulders and ambivalent outlines. This first extra long sleeve look challenged the posh poise of fashion. Industrial, urchin-punks suddenly exploded around the world. Three seasons later the look has evolved. 

A far cry from Vetements original line designers are now incorporating extra long sleeves into a range of garments. This season you can still explore the punk edge, or embrace more feminie beauty. Sleeve lengths aren’t all down to the knee. Some cover the hands, while others go a little further. The options are endless. The long sleeves are cosy and fun, a throwback to dressing up as a child. Extra long sleeves will shield you from the change of season, and maybe give you the feeling that you’re getting away with keeping a secret. 

This trend isn’t going anywhere soon! The pre-season designs for next year are still concealing fingertips. If you’ve been on the fence about extra long sleeves now is the time to get in on the fun. 

You can start here with the Explore Wear collection. Diana Paukstyte’s latest pieces are chic instant classics - like the New One Size Dress. The sleek extra long sleeves offer a beautiful contrast to the freedom of the dress. Julia Janus has extended the sleeves on her Virgin Wool Adore Cardigan for a luxurious take on the wrap cardigan. And for a little more edge the Draped Dress or Tokyo Sleeves Shirt will give you two distinctly different and beautiful silhouettes. 

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