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Double the sleeves for double the fun

Puffed sleeves, sleek sleeves, bulky sleeves, bat wing sleeves – they’re all extra long for the third straight fashion season. This trend hasn’t died out and it’s not going anywhere soon. So where do oversized sleeves come from and why should you be excited to wear them this season? Extra long sleeves are not a new idea. In the 12th and 13th centuries in Western culture extra long sleeves were a sign of wealth. They showed everyone that the wearer could afford both extra fabric and a better tailor. Further back than that, in Han Dynasty China, the Han-fu was a decadent and beautiful garment worn by the elite with layers of extra long sleeves in beautifully coloured silks. You...

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How to Shop Consciously: A New Wave of Ethical Browsing

From sustainable production to fair labor practices, your fashion choices are about more than simply what’s trending. For that reason, shopping platform Explore Wear aims to make ethical shopping easy. Ethical fashion has made a huge impact on our 21st-century shopping trends, particularly as a new wave of socially conscious shoppers emerges in full force. This growing movement has put new pressure on big brands to use sustainable manufacturing and fair worker treatment at home and abroad. While big brands catch up, shoppers have turned instead to smaller businesses—especially handmade shops—with a more transparent production model. Aside from our voting power, our consumer power is one of the most powerful forces driving change. Each coin we spend supports the business...

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Fast Fashion. The Dark Side of Fashion

The “Fast Fashion. The Dark Side of Fashion” exhibition illustrates the backgrounds of the globalised production of fashion. It deals with production mechanisms, with economic and social aspects, but also with environmental issues. The term “fast fashion” denotes a corporate strategy which aims to bring new fashion into the shops at ever shorter intervals. Classic fashion segments such as haute couture, ready-to-wear and medium-priced off-the-peg clothes limit themselves to two collections a year, whereas cheap labels launch up to twelve collections within the same period of time. These companies aim to draw the media’s attention to themselves, to lure primarily young customers into the shops and to animate them to make purchases.If consumers and commerce profit from the masses of fashion articles...

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